Party again

Today was a little bit a recovery day. Yesterday I saw Chiori again, and had once again a great time, just laughing and talking while seeing Kyoto from a non touristical vieuw. We ate some sushi, the real thing! Afterwards (when we said goodbye to eachother) she gave me some sake from Kyoto and 10Yens. The 10 Yen don't seem to be interesting, and no I'm no beggar,... the coin was made in my birthyear '79 wich is in japanese years the year '53. So I gave her a 50 cent (0,50 Bef) wich I had with me by accident, and the coincidence was that it was made in her birthyear!
Once back at the youth hostel I met the friend of Marin, named Mark. We went out together (after finishing the Kyoto Sake and a bottle of Japanese wine) to a place called "Metro" wich actually WAS in the metro. There we saw different Japanese groups and Tom and I danced the whole night long! They know now in Kyoto that the Belgians can dance, and we know now that Japanese can really play some good music. The finishing act was a guy with a drumbattery (I think that's the right word) and a tape and videoprojection. He brought us a live Drum 'n Base (or something like that) performance,...  I was jumping and dancing around like a crazy monkey, and the Japanese appriciated it a lot.
This morning was a bit hard, but I went on a hike with Tom anyway. Afterwards we ate some more sushi (tried every plate I could eat yesterday) and in a few moments we're going to the sento again,... soaking our sore bones a little bit.
To everybody, once you got the opportunity,... DO VISIT JAPAN! This is probably the greatest trip I ever made in my whole life...
Greetzz,... Jero

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Gèro Salut Gèro

Salut en (japones)......c'est quoi?
Les voyages sa ce passe bien, pas tros de galère.
Je sais pas tros touts tes avontures, par-ce-que je suis chez Fengo&Nathalie&Diego.te passe aussi le bonjour.
Tu parle japones,le contaque passe bien avec tous.
Je vois tes amies du mountainboard, Tous te passe les bonjours, En de groeten van Tony, Irène, Kim, Gelukkig nieuwjaar ook al is het wat laat. et Bonne Annes 2006 avec du succes.Salus kus(Charly)

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