Autch, busy days here!

I'm sorry mom and dad, but  going to continue with writing in English, because I met so many new friendly people whom I gave the adress.
Yesterday was already a very busy day for me. I had an appointment with Shiori, a very nice student who showed me a little bit the other side of Kyoto. Hereby I mean the Kyoto she tought was interesting. I just asked her to show me her favorite spots.
We went up the station building ( wich represents the hisory of Kyoto; from classical to futuristical). On top of the building you've got an incredible overview over the whole city.
We had a great time, and big laughs together.
In the evening I went with to Finnish guys (Juha and Oskari) to the sento ( japanese public bath). A very nice but at the same time weird experiance, but the weird part I'll explain when I see you guys. (ask me) Afterwards we had a great time with almoust the whole international group of the youth hostel. While Darren ( Canadian stock broker) was trading online, we were discussing with Americans, Fins, Canadians, Japanese, Taiwanese and me as a Belgian. 
Today I went hiking with Marin. A Canadian girl passing true Japan, on her way to Tasmania (Australia). Went trough a beautifull piece of nature.
Well I've got to go now, because my next appointment is waiting...
C yall!

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