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Hi everybody,
just arrived at our youth-hostel for the night. Yesterday we desided to go to Takayama, and with that desicion an incredible day developed. We started of with the metro, which had still more secrets then we tought, but nothing lasted well hidden for us for a long time. So soon we arrived again in Nagoya JR railwaystation, armed with our Japan Rail Pass.
We tried to contact the next youth-hostel we had planned but that wasn't very succesfull exept for the busy-beep. No harm done, we planned to go to Takayama, so we would go to Takayama. Because Jero had heard from Irene ( mama of Fengo and Kim) that the suza tempel was worth the visit, he didn't had a hard time to convince Tom to go.
Once on the train, we changed seats so we could take better pics,  a friendly women asked if she could occupate the seats we left, wich was obviously no problem. She was interested in our direction and the why we were going in that direction. 
Jero mentioned the Suza temple wich was the trigger for the woman to smile even more friendly. Appearently she was a member. Jero purposed to turn the seat (wich was pointed out to him that it was possible by Tom only a swift 5 minutes earlier) so we could have a better chat with her.
After a while (we were already jolly chatting for like 25 minutes ) another friendly women came to sit with us. Yumiko (the 1st woman), the second woman and we had a really cosy time together with lots of laughs and interesting new information about Japan for us.
Yumiko purposed to be our guide in Takayama, and so guided us around in the incredible ancient looking marbels of shops in this wonderfull Japanese city. We saw lots of ancient looking buildings, shrines, we saw the Suza-tempel with loads of information (irene, jero will have a long chat with you about  this, big thanx for the hint!!!!), we dined twice in pure Japanese style....
Well I think you all got the picture, THIS was a GREAT DAY!
We can talk about this still for hours without stopping, but my fingers already are hurting because we wanted to take so many pictures. So when we come back, Takayama will be already a day worth talking about.
Tom and Jero

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Nihon-go Great to read you guys have reached Japan safely and are enjoying the country so much. I understand you have made a lot of local friends, so I take it the Japanese words and phrases I promised to Jéro are no longer necessary. If I am wrong, please do not hesitate to let me know. Anyhow, keep up the good spirit and have fun. I just came back from Nagoya myself too, where I celebrated New Year with my Japanese wife's family. Now, from Kyoto, I salute you.


Gepost door: Vincent | 03-01-06

thx Yes Vincent, thank you anyhow.

We are staying another day in Takayama, but afterwards we go to Kyoto.
Maybe we'll see you there.

Doomo arigato.

Gepost door: jero | 03-01-06

van Ikke Dag Tommeke,
dikke zoenXXXXXXXXXX

Gepost door: Anneke | 03-01-06

hej kroelie! mijn tweede werkdag was nog leuker dan de eerste! vanavond was het gezellig op café. nu ga ik dromen over jou... kusje*

Gepost door: tintie | 03-01-06

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