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Hi readers,Happy newyear to all of you.On the thirty first of december i woke up early and as I was not able to wake up my two fellow travel friends, who were in bed accompanied by a hangover by the way, I took the train to discover Tokyo on my own. I went to visit the imperial palace and its gardens, this is were the emperor of Japan lives. The present palace was completed in 1968. It replaced the palace built in 1888, which was destroyed by allied bombing in WWII. I visited the sony building, the famous Godzilla statue and Ginza, a huge shopping haven, not my cup of tea that last one. At 20h00 I met up with Mark, the English bloke, In Ueno. We took the subway to Ropongi and selebrated New Year Tokyo style. Quit drunk but we had a great time. I only saw Jero the next day at 18h00 and he looked half dead. I think all these people here are big drinkers by the way, they all look yellow. I give them good advice whenever I can but they dont seem to appreciate it. (sleazy joke).Anneke, Ik zien u gere...salutTom

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Vele lieve en goede wenjes! Vele lieve en goede wensjes voor de onweerstaanbare man!

Gepost door: Anneke | 09-01-06

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