International funky bunch

Now I'm sitting @ yukiro's place... With an entire international community :o)

We've got here Japanese and Belgian ofcourse but also German and Finnish (Katlijn en Nico kennen jullie geen Suomi meer? showt is een beetje:oD)
Tom en Mark aren't here with me. Tom was already hopping around across the room around 8 o'clock in the morning. He had slept TO good I guess. He went  for another visit to Tokyo to see the imperial palace and stuff like that. Mark was still sleeping when I returned,...
Ah yeah that's right I forgot to mention it. So woken by Tom's hopping (once I'm awake and the sun is up, I can't sleep again, ask Tint :oD) I took a shower and got out to get myselve a
real samourai shaving. My chin feels as soft as a boob :oD
Anyhow, I'm socialising (or at least I was untill I started these updates) with the funky bunch here. Yuriko is planning to take us to a traditonal parade and afterwards we're off to the party. Hopefully I'll find Tom and Mark tonight or else I wont see them before next year.
a little bit in advance but hey,...
Huggs and kisses for everybody!
And Tint I'm saving a big kiss for you when I get back!

* pic by tint: Japan on the map *

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30th of december part 2

When we arrived back at Mark's place Tom went for a quick sleep to recover, wich ended up in
a good sleep, so he staid in bed whole night. Wich did him good because he was feeling a bit ill.
Mark and I went looking for a local pub to grab a drink. After hearing all the time "all reserved"
or to say it in a different way "no gaijin" we found ourselves, what I like to title "the best bar of Japan".
It's the bar K and M in Kuki. Two friendly bartenders, cocktails and draft beer (not that expencive) and even Belgian
beer! I was so enthousiastic about it that I shouted it out. Instantly they knew who I was, the crazy Belgian, like you all knew
me already :o)  I had to buy a Delirium Tremens or a Hoegaerden (the two B-beers available) and chose for a Delirium. Shouldn't I ask
InBev for a commission? Instantly the sales of Delirium doubled there! Japan has experienced the taste now and they're hooked.
Way to late we found our bed,... but still the day ended. 

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30th of december

Hi y'all!
Today, after having had a great big breakfast, we all (Tom, Mark, Jero). Took the train back to Ueno. We went visiting the park over there. Nice shrines and tempels.
Some people here have a great Japanese yard, compressed between two ugly western looking buildings.
Japan is lovely, and you have to see to understand. So you'll have to wait for the pictures to come!
In the meanwhile Mark (who's an English teacher here) is teaching us a little bit of Japanese. To bad we aren't as good students as he is a teacher ;o)  
more news to come, but our time is up so goodbye

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the flight in

next internet cafe,... donations welcome

Hallo everybody,
incredible expencive the internetcafes here, so i'm not going to check the spelling.
Pictures will be for later, it's to hard to upload them from an internetcafe.
But now we've paid for an hour, so we can complete our story ;o)
The flight was already great for Jero... the story in short:
Great flight,... it was a small seat, it was impossible to sleep, I wasn't sitting next to a fine young girl ;o) BUT
I was sitting next to a nice old Japanese women whom didn't speak one word English, and anyhow we communicated (a little bit). And at the other side there was the window and man! What a view! First daylight, open sky mixed with some clouds, so I've had it all. Then there was sunset, wich was a different view from 33.000 feet. I watched a movie afterwards, but I didn't look for long,... the view was to beautifull!
Flying over Siberia I saw the norderlight!!!! (poollicht voor ons maa-tje). At that moment I cursed myselve 'cause I had put my good cam so far away. Ignoring the rules I took my camera out anyhow. Took some beautifull pics of  it and hope to show them as soon as possible.
The clicking of my cam has the same effect on Japanese as blood on sharks,... in less than a minute all the Japanese were clustered to the window to look for themselves. At least they looked. So many people focussed on the TV, incredible. Maybe it is our cultivated shallowness (oppervlakkigheid voor mijn schatje :o* ) or they all flew already a thousand times and had seen it all already before.
In the morning @ around 9 o'clock ( 1u 's nachts in Belgie)  +/-  hours after I saw the sun rise, I arrived in Narita airport. Just had to wait for an hour for Tom, after wich we went to Ueno by somekind of tram/metro. There Mark (our first host) met us, he took us to his place in Kuki, wich was an other hour with somekind of Traintram. You see, we've spent already thousands of yens on train tickets.
Finally we arrived @ his place wich is really Japanese and cosy.
After a quick shower I went looking for an option to call the homefront to say we have arrived safely. Still haven't found one.
Tom and I cooked a meal together (in the first place Tom, I only helped a little bit) ate, and finally the hammer had hit me. Fell a sleep in front of the TV while Tom and Mark were discussing the trip of the 30th december.
C yah and greetings from the long and the long-haired :o) 

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We zijn aangekomen, kunnen niet bellen! of mailen... alles is japans!
Alles is ok, maar kost stukken van mensen.
Tom en Jero
Binnenkort proberen we nog is vanuit volgende lokatie, mss hebben we daar meer mogelijkheden.
* foto door Jero: Tom onderweg naar appartement van Mark in Kuki*

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Leaving On A Jetplane

So kiss me and smile for me
Tell me that you wait for me
Hold me like you never let me go

(John Denver)

*picture: JéRö this morning (Airplane Zaventem Belgium)

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X-mas report

Time is shortening,... the exitement is growing. I hardly can wait to go to Japan. Looking out for some contacts @ the hospitalityclub website I noticed that not everyone has the same intention to go on a 'meeting people' travel. A pitty that a minority wants to abuse a great initative as the HC.
Well anyhow I've seem to have contacted a few nice people over there! And that makes it worth the effort.

Tom I hope we can find each other in Tokyo airport. You see visitors, he is leaving from Guernsey ( an isle between England and France) and I'm taking of from Brussels in Belgium. We'll meet in Tokyo, but nothing is a 100% for sure :o)

I'll be trying to stay with some locals to cut a little bit my expences. Tom wants to experiance the youth hostels, I want to connect with the locals (we'll both be doïng a little bit of a mix but our priorities are a little bit different, this is what makes us best friends ;oD )

Well, Merry X-mas everyone!I've just had a great X-mas celebration with my parents, my bro and his girlfriend, and my girlfriend Tint. A cosy bunch altough my mother went a little bit pale when I started explaining my plans for Japan :o)

Going for the sleep now,...

Greetzz,... Jéro

*picture: X-mas eve; Tint and Jéro *

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Dear friends,


A good friend of mine lives in a small village not for from Japan, Mark is his name.  Mark is from Yorkshire (UK) and I met him while working in Guernsey.  Four months ago he moved to Japan hoping to find the love of his live, I think, and to urn good money.  Normally we were going to stay at Mark’s place for new-year till this little problem arose.  PROBLEM 1: The company he works for asked him to move to another city, what means we can not stay there for new-year.  Book a hotel or hostel, I hear you thinking.  PROBLEM 2: If you haven’t booked accommodation for the 31 of December yet … well you probably know were I’m getting at.  SOLUTION:  Party all night long!!!      



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Well I'm catching up...

The yens are also orderd (just have to pick them up), my passport printed, my criminal record clean. Just having some doubts to take my good camera with me or not and to put the site here in English ( which isn't easy for me) or Vlaams ( Flemish) but this can be a pain in the ass for the not-dutch-speaking friends.... so I think it will depend on the moment and the way I feel like to write.

Anyhow this place is ment for Tom and me to communicate with our friends,... so I don't give a f**k about what you think :o) this is our place... Zo kan ik af en toe is iets Vlaams der tussen flansen, ou je peux aussi écrire quelquechose en Français. :o)
Pff... to underline Tom's comments in the previous post,... the waiting is killing me!
To much work, to much on my head,... I just want to take a big break!
But hey, Tom, the countdown is started,... let's post some more now!
Greetzz,... JéRö
* picture: JéRö crawling away from the reality of the daily shit, hoping for a holyday with a swift arrival *

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