30th of december part 2

When we arrived back at Mark's place Tom went for a quick sleep to recover, wich ended up in
a good sleep, so he staid in bed whole night. Wich did him good because he was feeling a bit ill.
Mark and I went looking for a local pub to grab a drink. After hearing all the time "all reserved"
or to say it in a different way "no gaijin" we found ourselves, what I like to title "the best bar of Japan".
It's the bar K and M in Kuki. Two friendly bartenders, cocktails and draft beer (not that expencive) and even Belgian
beer! I was so enthousiastic about it that I shouted it out. Instantly they knew who I was, the crazy Belgian, like you all knew
me already :o)  I had to buy a Delirium Tremens or a Hoegaerden (the two B-beers available) and chose for a Delirium. Shouldn't I ask
InBev for a commission? Instantly the sales of Delirium doubled there! Japan has experienced the taste now and they're hooked.
Way to late we found our bed,... but still the day ended. 

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belgian beer A flight of 9474 km... to drink a BELGIAN beer??? It oughta be a damn good beer!

But nice to support my hometown brewery ;)

Hey, if it's legal to export japanese beer, can you bring me a teaser? (If not: smuggle it!)

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