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next internet cafe,... donations welcome

Hallo everybody,
incredible expencive the internetcafes here, so i'm not going to check the spelling.
Pictures will be for later, it's to hard to upload them from an internetcafe.
But now we've paid for an hour, so we can complete our story ;o)
The flight was already great for Jero... the story in short:
Great flight,... it was a small seat, it was impossible to sleep, I wasn't sitting next to a fine young girl ;o) BUT
I was sitting next to a nice old Japanese women whom didn't speak one word English, and anyhow we communicated (a little bit). And at the other side there was the window and man! What a view! First daylight, open sky mixed with some clouds, so I've had it all. Then there was sunset, wich was a different view from 33.000 feet. I watched a movie afterwards, but I didn't look for long,... the view was to beautifull!
Flying over Siberia I saw the norderlight!!!! (poollicht voor ons maa-tje). At that moment I cursed myselve 'cause I had put my good cam so far away. Ignoring the rules I took my camera out anyhow. Took some beautifull pics of  it and hope to show them as soon as possible.
The clicking of my cam has the same effect on Japanese as blood on sharks,... in less than a minute all the Japanese were clustered to the window to look for themselves. At least they looked. So many people focussed on the TV, incredible. Maybe it is our cultivated shallowness (oppervlakkigheid voor mijn schatje :o* ) or they all flew already a thousand times and had seen it all already before.
In the morning @ around 9 o'clock ( 1u 's nachts in Belgie)  +/-  hours after I saw the sun rise, I arrived in Narita airport. Just had to wait for an hour for Tom, after wich we went to Ueno by somekind of tram/metro. There Mark (our first host) met us, he took us to his place in Kuki, wich was an other hour with somekind of Traintram. You see, we've spent already thousands of yens on train tickets.
Finally we arrived @ his place wich is really Japanese and cosy.
After a quick shower I went looking for an option to call the homefront to say we have arrived safely. Still haven't found one.
Tom and I cooked a meal together (in the first place Tom, I only helped a little bit) ate, and finally the hammer had hit me. Fell a sleep in front of the TV while Tom and Mark were discussing the trip of the 30th december.
C yah and greetings from the long and the long-haired :o) 

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non-verbal communication, uhu? "a nice old Japanese women whom didn't speak one word English, and anyhow we communicated (a little bit)" >> you don't mean the middle finger, right? ;)

By the way: how long did it take untill they asked you to put the camera away?

Gepost door: Tim | 30-12-05

answers - no I'm a nice guy, you're the only one who sees the other (meaner) me ;o)

- they never did, but they did think I was crazy because I was taking the pictures from underneath my jacket (long shutter time)

Gepost door: Jero | 31-12-05

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