Dear friends,


A good friend of mine lives in a small village not for from Japan, Mark is his name.  Mark is from Yorkshire (UK) and I met him while working in Guernsey.  Four months ago he moved to Japan hoping to find the love of his live, I think, and to urn good money.  Normally we were going to stay at Mark’s place for new-year till this little problem arose.  PROBLEM 1: The company he works for asked him to move to another city, what means we can not stay there for new-year.  Book a hotel or hostel, I hear you thinking.  PROBLEM 2: If you haven’t booked accommodation for the 31 of December yet … well you probably know were I’m getting at.  SOLUTION:  Party all night long!!!      



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*feest* op oudejaarsavond zal ik zeker ook niet vroeg in bed belanden. :o)


Gepost door: tint | 19-12-05

er liepen eens twee tomaten over straat... btw sam, doe mij een plezier en vertel eens een goei mopke want ik kan er enkel van laag niveau onthouden.

Gepost door: tint | 19-12-05

solution2 OPTION 2: seduce someone with a king size bed ;)

Gepost door: tim | 30-12-05

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