Well I'm catching up...

The yens are also orderd (just have to pick them up), my passport printed, my criminal record clean. Just having some doubts to take my good camera with me or not and to put the site here in English ( which isn't easy for me) or Vlaams ( Flemish) but this can be a pain in the ass for the not-dutch-speaking friends.... so I think it will depend on the moment and the way I feel like to write.

Anyhow this place is ment for Tom and me to communicate with our friends,... so I don't give a f**k about what you think :o) this is our place... Zo kan ik af en toe is iets Vlaams der tussen flansen, ou je peux aussi écrire quelquechose en Français. :o)
Pff... to underline Tom's comments in the previous post,... the waiting is killing me!
To much work, to much on my head,... I just want to take a big break!
But hey, Tom, the countdown is started,... let's post some more now!
Greetzz,... JéRö
* picture: JéRö crawling away from the reality of the daily shit, hoping for a holyday with a swift arrival *

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jéRöschattie, jéRöschattie, ik ga je missen met je zot gedoe, maar je gaat dat goed doen... denk ik, misschien, mogelijks, twijfelachtig... als je chance hebt, zonder tegenslagen. ;o) met wat geluk, als de toeval het toelaat. neenee, ik heb er vertrouwen in hoor, geniet van de reis! :o) kus

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